Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Should You Use a Virtual Private Server for Your Affiliate Site?

Affiliate marketing is a tough gig. There are a number of variables that play a role in your success. One of the most underestimated factors is the web hosting you are using. Many new affiliates want to save their money for their PPC campaigns and SEO linkbuilding, which means that they often choose the cheapest possible hosting plan. Unfortunately, this means that they are often going to be bleeding conversions, because the site has poor uptime and a lot of their traffic never makes it to the site.
After you register your domain name, you should seriously think about investing in a virtual private server (VPS) to host your affiliate site. Here are some benefits to be aware of.

Greater Stability

The uptime of web hosting plans has improved in recent years. However, some hosting providers still crash and others take a long time to load. VPS hosted sites are more reliable and load more quickly. This is crucial for any affiliate that is trying to boost their conversions. This stability also helps improve your SEO.

Better Customization

One of the drawbacks of regular hosting plans is that you have to wait for your hosting provider to support certain applications before you can install them. One of the benefits of using a VPS is that you have control of your hosting at the root level, which means that you don’t have to wait for your hosting provider to support an application before installing it.

Cheaper than Dedicated Hosting

Many affiliates recognize that shared hosting isn’t the best option. They often try to purchase dedicated hosting instead, which can cost $100 or more a month. VPS hosting is a cheaper alternative that still provides great stability and server space. You can generally get a VPS hosting from the same hosting company for less than half the cost of dedicated hosting. Paul Cunningham told the writers at Problogger that this was the best option for his site.

Scalability Options

Another one of the many benefits of a VPS is that you can easily scale your plan. You can start off by purchasing the minimum resources that you need, which is recommended for new affiliates. However, as your site gains more traffic, you can start scaling it by purchasing more resources.

More Feasible for PPV

If you are buying PPV from Traffic Vance, 50 On Red, or Lead Impact, then you need to make sure that your pages load as quickly as possible. Users are usually disinterested in pops and will close them if you can’t grab their attention in three quarters of a second. It is easier to get their attention with a VPS, because the pages load much more quickly.

Create More Complex Landing Pages

Landing pages are some of the most important elements of most affiliate marketing campaigns. Most successful landing pages are fairly basic, because the users tend to be turned off by a lot of graphics.
However, there are definitely some exceptions to this rule of thumb. Some niches such as gaming and credit report providers do better with very sophisticated landing pages with lots of graphics. The downside affiliates typically face with these campaigns is that they have slow load times, which can decimate their conversions if they are using interruption marketing. This isn’t nearly as much of a concern if you are using a VPS.

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