Friday, November 20, 2015

DARK TURNS: Blog Tour & Book Review and #giveaway

Hey everyone, I have a great book review and even a giveaway for a copy of the book for you today too.

I am joining the blog tour for the book, "Dark Turns," by Cate Holahan.

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter

The lawn glittered in the late summer sun, a shining emerald slate as uniform as Astroturf. The grass smelled real, though. Realer than real. Each inhale filled Nia’s nose with a spritz of green, more pungent than mall perfume and far sweeter than the oniony weeds back home. The lawn smelled like money.

Nia stared at the clock on the tower at the far end of the courtyard. Its short hand pointed to the Roman numeral seven. The long hand crept toward the X. He would arrive soon.

A cramp pulled at the meat between her metatarsals. She steadied herself on her good leg and folded in half to grab the throbbing joint that had spurred the contraction. Her thumbs slid beneath the clinging hem of her spandex capris. She pressed into her heel until it grew hot. The pain’s drumming slowed. Only a doctor could silence it. Until she got some real medical attention, she’d keep having bearable days and bad ones.

Today was a bad day. She blamed herself. The tendon- itis always flared when she didn’t stretch. She should have risen earlier to warm up. What if the director asked to see pointe work? Could he rescind the offer if he didn’t like her performance?
An iron bench sat just to the right of the registration building. She limped to it. The metal was cool on her palms. She placed her feet in a line, heels together, toes pointed in opposite directions. She dipped into a demi-pliƩ. Tightness trickled from her thighs. The familiarity of the move did as much good as the stretch. It was her morning coffee, a ritual that woke her body and prepared her for the day.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. It was very interesting and had me guessing throughout the book up till the end. This is the author, Cate Holahan's first novel. And it is very good. The story is very well written and the mystery element to this is great. You will really like the main character in Dark Turns too, Nia. I was really rooting for her throughout the book.

Also I like the Ballet theme in the book. Since my own daughter has been taking Ballet for years, I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. And each chapter is set with a definition of a ballet term, which i found interesting.

I think you will enjoy this book, you can purchase below:

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Or you can enter my giveaway. One US residents only  reader will win a copy of Dark Turns ARV $16.55

Disclosure: I received a free copy of book for review.

Dark Turns Book Giveaway

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