Friday, June 19, 2015

Teaching Your Children About Funeral Etiquette

Mourning the loss of a loved one can be difficult. However, young children often have difficulty processing the loss, especially during a funeral. You will need to take the time them how to behave during the ceremony to give everyone else a chance to pay their respects.

Preparing Your Children for the Procession

Most children already have a difficult time staying still for extended periods of time. They may have even more trouble if they are highly anxious or depressed about the tragedy of losing someone important in their lives. They may cope by being feisty, which can be a problem during the ceremony. Here are some tips to help prepare them to Stuhr Funeral Home.
Decide if They Are Old Enough
You will need to use your own judgment to see if a child is old enough to attend a funeral. Suzanne Robin, a nurse writing for Mom.Me, says that infants shouldn’t be brought to funerals, because they can’t understand the significance and can be a distraction. However, some experts may disagree and say that you will need to use your own judgment if you can’t make other accommodations for them. Children between three and six also won’t really grasp the importance, but it can still be worth bring them. You will just need to decide based on your own child’s ability to sit still and their relationship with the deceased.
Give Them a Choice
Funerals are very emotional times for everyone. Children in particular may have a hard time coping. You should talk to them ahead of time to see if they are emotionally equipped to handle it. If they are really not up for going, then you should try to make other arrangements for them.
However, you should try to communicate the importance of the event to them if at all possible. They may change their mind if they see how they can pay their respects to a departed loved one. They may also tell you why they are intimidated by the situation, which will help you provide the guidance they need to get through it.
Communicate the Importance of Dressing Appropriately
Young children don’t usually like dressing up. However, it is important to wear conservative clothing to pay respects to the deceased. You will need to tell your kids why you are asking them to dress up.
They don’t necessarily need to follow the same dress code as the adults. If they are really putting up a big fight about wearing black, then you can make some concessions and let them wear a different colored outfit. However, you should still make sure that they wear appropriate attire for the venue.
Get Them Out if They Start Acting Up
Much younger children may act up regardless of how much you try to prepare them ahead of time. You will need to take them if they start to become a problem. It may be a good idea to stay near the doors so that you can leave easily if they start creating any problems.

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