Wednesday, June 17, 2015

4 Ways to Keep Scorpions from Infesting Your Home

Scorpions are major public health issue in many arid parts of the country. They aren’t generally lethal, but still pose health problems for people that get stung. According to Mayo Clinic, 30 of the 1,500 known species can be lethal. While the other types of scorpions won’t kill you, their stings can be very painful, so you should do everything possible to keep them from infesting your home.

Keeping Scorpions Away from Your Home

Scorpions are very small creatures that can easily infiltrate your home if you don’t take the right precautions. Here are some things that you should do to keep these unwanted guests at bay.
Deprive Them of Food Sources
Scorpions eat small insects such as ants, moths and crickets. The best way to discourage them from entering your home is to make sure that your house is free of insects for them to feast on. Use ant cups and other solutions to deal with insect infestations as soon as possible. You should also keep small bits of food off the grounds, because if they attract small insects, then scorpions may soon follow.
Seal Off Your House
Since scorpions are so small and dexterous, they can easily fit into small holes in your house. You need to find every possible port of entry and make sure that it is sealed properly to keep them out.
Trim Your Vegetation
Scorpions tend to thrive in large vegetation. Large bushes and thick grass provide them cover from the heat and rain. They also provide a large number of insects for them to eat. You will need to trim your vegetation as much as possible to make the area around your home as unappealing as possible. If you do this, then they will be less likely to make their way into your home.
Keep Wood Chips Away from Your House
Wood chips also tend to attract scorpions. They often use them to create places to live. They may eventually make their way into your house if it gets too warm or starts raining, so you should keep them off your ground.
If you use wood chips as compost in your garden, then you should either find other ways to stimulate growth or move your garden further away from the house. You should also seal any firewood that you are storing in a shed where it will be less likely to attract scorpions and other pests. This facility should ideally be as far away from your house as possible, so any scorpions that do make their way to it will be less likely to get to your house.

Make Scorpion Prevention a Priority

Scorpions are very serious pests in many parts of Arizona. You will need to do everything that you possibly can to keep them at bay. You will need to be especially vigilant if you have bark scorpions in your area, because they can be especially dangerous. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need help dealing with dangerous scorpions if you are unable to prevent an infestation.

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