Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 Great Weight Loss Apps

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. Fortunately, experts are finding more creative ways to deal with it. A number of weight loss professionals have collaborated with mobile app developers to create high tech solutions to curb obesity. Here are some great weight loss apps that you may want to look into.

Well Beginnings

Well Beginnings is a weight loss surgery program at Houston Northwest Medical Center. While the experts at the clinic offer a number of surgical solutions to obese patients, they also prefer to offer surgery only when there is no viable alternative. The experts at Well Beginnings have created an app to help patients keep their weight in check.
Patients can use the app to monitor their daily food intake and exercise progress. The app is intended for patients with body mass indexes close to 40, because they are most likely to need surgery. The experts at Well Beginnings hope that the app can help people avoid gaining weight, thereby minimizing the likelihood that they will need surgery.   

BMI Calculator

Recognizing whether or not you are overweight is of upmost importance. Too many people are in denial of their weight problems, so the BMI Calculator app can help them come to terms with their problem.
The BMI Calculator uses your weight and height to gauge your BMI. It also measures other important variables, such as your body fat percentage and calorie consumption, which play an important role in following a good diet to maintain a healthy weight.


MyFitnessPal is another weight loss app worth looking into. The app is free and allows you to collect a multitude of data on the types of foods that you eat. You can also monitor your weight loss goals and forecast how long it will take to reach them. The app is made for iPhone and Android devices, but there are versions for BlackBerry and Windows Phone as well. However, the apps for other devices don’t have the same level of functionality.

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant is a more specialized app. It focuses primarily on monitoring your consumption. You can use Diet Assistant to track your foods and notice if you are falling off your diet. This app can be particularly useful if used in conjunction with others apps that monitor exercise and BMI changes, because it helps you minimize temptations that can derail your weight loss efforts. The app can be used for people following vegan, paleo and other special diets as well.

Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight is a more intuitive app for people that have trouble measuring their height and weight or are tempted to enter the wrong data. You simply need to run your finger along a measuring tape and the app will calculate your height, weight and BMI. The app will also tell you your ideal weight, so you know what to set as your ultimate weight goal.

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