Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a growing profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for physical therapists will increase by 36% over the next seven years.  There are several factors driving the trend:
  • More people are investing in healthcare as the industry is reformed.
  • Physical ailments are becoming more prevalent as the population ages.
  • New lifestyle trends are leading to different types of injuries that people don’t know how to address on their own.
Despite the growing demand for physical therapists, many people remain skeptical of the benefits. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a physical therapist to assist you.

Solve Functional Movement Disorders

Functional movement disorders are becoming more common these days. Research from Mayo Clinic found that visiting a physical therapist can be one of the best ways to solve these problems. They tracked over 60 patients over the course of four years and found that over 60% of them exhibited noticeable improvement.
What types of functional movement disorders can be treated via physical therapy? Practically all of them can be addressed through various physical therapy programs. These include limited mobility from back pain, poor range of motion in the hip flexors and iliotibial band syndrome. Patients noticing an atrophy in their ability to move freely may want to consider visiting a physical therapist to develop a treatment regimen that can guide them.

Avoid Invasive Surgeries

Doctors are often eager to push surgery and medication on patients. Unfortunately, these procedures can be very painful, have long recovery times and lead to future complications. You should always try to pursue alternative forms of treatment whenever possible. The good news is that physical therapy can often provide the treatment you need to overcome major health problems that would otherwise require surgery.
Web MD recommends looking into physical therapy before resorting to surgery. It can be much cheaper, less painful and allow you to lead a more fulfilling life. Of course, there may be some problems that require surgery, so it’s important not to talk to your physical therapist about all of your options and know when to consider more intensive treatments.

Prevent Secondary Health Complications

Many people don’t realize that the problems solved with physical therapy can often help them avoid other health problems down the road. For example, many people with limited mobility problems end up suffering from heart disease and diabetes, because they have difficulty exercising and keeping their weight in check.

See a Physical Therapist Today

If you are suffering from a problem that keeps you from moving freely, then you should consider seeing a physical therapist today. You will probably find that they can help you overcome many of the other health problems that would inevitably plague you in the future. A.G. Rhodes is a great option to look into if you live in the Atlanta area. You can also look into a variety of other options in your own area.

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