Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Personal Account: Why Electronic Cigarettes are a Better Alternative

I'll admit that when I first heard of “vaping,” I was a little bit skeptical about the whole thing. “Could it really be just like smoking a cigarette,” I asked myself. After smoking for well over 8 years, I wasn't sure if I even could make the switch over to electronic cigarettes. But there were so many reasons that I wanted to.

One of the things that I absolutely despised about winter was that it made it hard to head outside to enjoy a cigarette. Usually, I would end up having to do without, or bundle myself up in four layers of clothing, just for a five minute smoke. It wasn't anything I looked forward to. It was at that point that I became fed up with my regular cigarettes and began to look into vaping as an option for myself.

I was surprised at the variety of products out there on the market. However, I believe that my favorite part was learning of all the many flavors that are available. My favorite selection by far is that of Vapin Plus, whose website offers flavors from cherry and blueberry, to vanilla and plain old tobacco. I could change it up to something different everyday if I wanted to, for that one reason alone I was pretty excited to try it!

But perhaps the most important reason of all was that of not feeling like a social outcast anymore. In my group of friends, it often felt like I was the “odd man out,” if you will, because I was the one who would sneak away from the group to go outside and have a cigarette. Inevitably, whenever I got back to the group, they'd moved on to talking about something else, or doing something different, and I was always out of the loop. With my electronic cigarette, if I feel the urge to have a smoke, I can just pull it out of its case, take a few puffs, and quickly and easily put it back, no harm done. I also never have to feel like I have to “smoke the whole thing” anymore, like I did with regular cigarettes, because they are so expensive, you don't want to waste any bit of it.

However, the biggest draw of all with electronic cigarettes is that of personal style. How many people can say that their regular old traditional cigarettes are stylish? With the plethora of choices when it comes to vaporizer pens, I can choose whatever I want to fit my mood or style on a daily basis. Even the battery packs come in different patterns and colors. Now what cigarette company can boast fashionable accessories?

These days, I have completely given up traditional cigarettes in favor of my electronic one. I bring it with me wherever I go, and I am happy to say that I no longer feel as though I am the outcast within my personal group of friends anymore. I've even learned that quite a few of them vape themselves! I know one thing for certain, that I will never go back to traditional cigarettes again.

This post was written by a freelance writer, mom, and blogger named Jenn.

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