Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #35

Here are Thirteen Things that are making me question my sanity (and or the sanity of others):

1. I just gave my daughter $4.00 in change to buy a book at her book fair. Mostly nickles. Is that so wrong?

2. My daughter and I spent over an hour and a half the other day driving around to at least 5 different stores  -  looking for a "baby" Zhu Zhu pet. Everywhere is out of stock right now.

3. Against my better judgment we are getting closer to getting a puppy. My husband knows someone, who knows someone, whose dog is pregnant right now. So we may be able to get one of the puppies.

4. I spend way to much time on line. Between blogs and Entrecard. And Facebook. I don't know if that is helping keep my sanity or make me insane?

5. I am doing Harriet's Comment Challenge again. I haven't done one in almost 9 months. I'm trying to make 1000 comments on other people's blogs in a month. I'm up to 177 (as you can see up top on my ticker).

6. I've been looking for a part time job. So far no luck. One emailed back and wanted me to come in for an interview. Only problem it was in Alabama & I live in New Hampshire!

7. Even if I get a job, I will either have to work nights or take the bus. Which doesn't sound to fun.  That is because we only have one car available right now (long story).

8. I just found out yesterday, that what they call at my daughter's school "The Ed Fair" is tonight. Whatever happened to advance notice?

9. Thursdays is the day my daughter has dance class though, so I basically have about a 15 min. time period where I have to run around her school to go to this fair.

10. Speaking of the dance class, I found out that the recital was moved to a different location and a week earlier then it was before.

11. My sister usually comes with her boyfriend. But we looked on the calender and it will now be on Father's Day! It doesn't really matter to me. But her boyfriend won't come on Father's day. Seems weird to schedule the recital for that day.

12. If you read these two posts Here & Here you would know about a bird I found in my neighbors yard about a week ago. Turns out it was a $600 bird someone lost. I wish I had caught it!

Pic. of bird again:

13. I just spent 3 hours writting this post! Enough said. Now I'm off to visit others - so I can reach my 1000 comment goal.

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