Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Updates

I found out two things about animals yesterday. One is about the bird that I posted about in my Camera Critters post Saturday. I got many emails since I posted it on Craigslist saying that it was definately a domesticated type of pheasant. And it is an expensive bird someone must be missing.

Well then yesterday, I received an email from a woman, who said it was her bird. She said she was visiting family in the area and it got loose. His name is Fred, and she paid $600 for him! She wanted to know if I still had him. Well I emailed her back and said I never "had" him to begin with. I never 'caught' him and haven't see him since Friday night. I am really kicking myself for not trying to catch him and calling someone to maybe pick him up. Like a rescue place. Sorry Fred!

What is weird though, is who would pay $600 for a bird, and if I did, I would be a lot more careful with it. What, she brings it with her when she visits family? Just saying.

And the other update is about my 'dog' search. I found out yesterday that we may be able to get a puppy Dachshund. Someone my husband works with MIL's dog is pregnant. So it will be awhile but we may be able to get one of the puppies in a few months.

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