Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quotable Sunday ~ Snow

We are getting more snow today. It's been snowing since last night and is "supposed" to end around noon time. We might get another 8 or more inches out of this. Not as much as some places like my mother-in-law who may have gotten 15 inches already!

Here's some quotes about the thing called "snow."

1. A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water. ~Carl Reiner

2. When snow falls, nature listens. ~Antoinette van Kleef

3. When I no Longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I'll know I'm growing old. ~ Lady Bird Johnson

4. The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. ~
Doug Larson

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