Friday, December 18, 2009

New Years In Los Angeles

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I can not believe that the end of another year is almost here. Pretty soon it will be 2010! Do you have any plans? Wouldn't it be fun to really do it up for New Years? One place that would be really cool to party on New Years is Los Angeles. It would be awesome to stay at one of the los angeles hotels.

Right now there are some great LA new year's eve hotel specials. Like at hotels where they have filmed movies at. That would be so neat to stay at a hotel where some of your favorite movies were filmed. Or even to stay at a hotel where they might be filming a movie right then! Sometimes that happens. At hotels in los angeles, you could be staying at a hotel and there could be film crews setting up for a movie shoot. You might even run into an actual celebrity!

One hotel in Los Angeles that has had movies filmed at it is The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Some of the movies filmed there were 2002's Catch Me If You Can, And Beverly Hills Cop II which was made in 1987.

Another Los Angeles hotel that has had many films made there is the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. One of the movies that had some scenes made there is Ghost Busters. I totally love that movie! I was actually just watching that the other day for the first time in years. The Ghost Buster team gets chased down the hallway of the Biltmore's Main Galleria! That would be so cool to see that in person. And there were many more movies filmed there.

And there are many more hotels in Los Angeles with some famous movies filmed in them. I am a total movie buff and would really be fascinated to see some of them. And what better time to do it then on New Years! That sounds like a great way to celebrate! Don't you think?
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