Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CSN Stores Tetherball Set Review

As promised, I will review the Tetherball Set that I received from CSN Stores. Sorry for the delay in this review. But there were a couple of things that delayed it. I received the Park & Sun Tetherball Set from CSN Stores on December 1st, but my husband was out of town and I wanted him to set it up. The other thing that has delayed it is the weather, we have had quite a bit of snow here along with very cold temperatures.

But when I was contacted by Jason from CSN Stores to do a review on one of their products, despite the fact that Winter was coming, I choose the Tetherball Set. I looked on the website and saw a lot of fun yard games along with some really cool swing sets. But I was immediately drawn to the Tetherball Set. Mostly because it brought back memories of playing when I was young. I remember playing with my sister at the day camp we used to go to. I remember it was always a lot of fun to play.

Then the funny thing was my son was looking over the CSN website and without me even telling him I was thinking about getting the Tetherball set, he chose the Tetherball Set too. He played it a few times at a park near our house a few years ago, but they don't have it there anymore. So it was decided that we would get the Tetherball set.

Because the kids were really anxious to try it out, my husband "temporarily" set it up last Saturday. The kids really had fun playing it. Here's some pictures of them trying it out:

My husband was getting in to it to. He said he never recalls ever playing it. He wanted me to explain to him how to play. It is the easiest game: basically one person hits the ball one way, the other person hits it the other way. And whoever gets it all the way around the pole first wins.

This is a great game for the whole family. I can't wait until the warmer weather when we will really be able to get the full fun effects from this game. If you live were it is warm out now, I would really recommend this Tetherball Set. For us I think it will be a lot more fun after Winter is over (at least for me - I'm not a cold person!) One thing I noticed is my kids and my husband too for that matter are very competitive people. So they are really going to be playing this competitively. It is going to be a lot of fun to play against each other and have fun with this and of course they play to win!

Thanks to Jason from CSN stores for this Tetherball Set, my family really loves it!

Disclaimer: I was given the Tetherball Set from CSN Stores for the sole purpose of reviewing it. I received no monetary compensation for this review. The opinions expressed are solely my own, and your opinions my differ.

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  1. I'm wondering how hard it will be to permanently set this up....? Looks so fun!