Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camera Critters - Country Cows

I've mentioned before how we used to live in the country. And that it was in a home that was in my family for almost 100 yrs. Well it is actually only about a 25 minute drive from where I live now. Sometimes when we happen to be in that area we will drive by our old house. Except it isn't anything like what it used to be. Instead of an old country home and 7 acres of land, it now has 3 huge houses on it.

One thing that has remained the same is across the street, the people who live there still have a huge field and still have their cows. We drove by the other day, and the cows were out. We stopped to look at them and I took some pictures. People driving by were giving us weird looks. I said we look like total city folk who have never seen cows before.




Camera Critters