Monday, May 19, 2008

Remembering My Trip to Los Angeles

I was thinking recently about one of my wildest vacations. About 17 years ago, right after I had graduated college, 3 of my friends and I went on vacation to Los Angeles. We all sat down before we left and reviewed our list of Things to do in Los Angeles.

When we arrived there we realized there was so much to do. My friends and I spent every day doing something fun and exciting. One day when we were there we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. We had a great time going on the Universal Studio Tour. I remember seeing "King Kong", "Jaws", and the "Psycho" house, it was really cool.

While we were in Los Angeles we also saw the "Hollywood Sign", and the "Hollywood Walk of Fame," which I've always dreamed of seeing and finally got to see! Somewhere near the Walk of fame I remember going into a Wax Museum! It was the first one I've ever been in. It was so neat. They had replicas of everyone from Elvis to Madonna! Some of them looked so real, you felt like you were really seeing the real celebrities!

One day we even had a wild day in Tijuana, Mexico, since it's so close to Los Angeles, we took a bus tour there. We had a very exciting day shopping and seeing different sites in Mexico!

Remembering my trip to Los Angeles makes me want to plan another trip. I was recently looking at Trusted Tours & Attractions for some ideas on where to go. I was looking at sightseeing tours and Things to do in Las Vegas.

I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas and see some shows! I also just learned that if you sign up for Trusted Tours & Attractions newsletter you will be be entered to win a $150.00 iTunes gift card! My husband would love that!

Do you have your next vacation planned?


  1. Hi Sue, I was out in LA a few years ago on a business trip. We had a little time for site seeing. We visited Sunset Strip, Mann's Chinese Theater and drove around Beverly Hills. We also stopped in the House of Blues. Seemed like a fun place, I wish I had more time.

  2. Even though I've lived in San Diego most of my life, I've never gone out to LA for vacation. Oh, Disneyland or Universal Studios or whatnot, but not LA itself.

    I would LOVE to go sometime... if I can just bring myself to face the traffic!

  3. Come on out this way! I wouldn't recommend Tijuana these days though. It is much more dangerous now :(

  4. @john, we went to Mann's Chinese Theater too, (I forgot the name of it - lol) It was cool to see the hand & foot prints of famous stars. I remember John Wayne (which was cool, because that was my Dad's favorite actor)
    @Dette, I know I remember the traffic was crazy in California! The highways out there were scary!
    @Beth, thanks for your comment, I'd love to visit California again, especially San Diego. We also went to the San Diego Zoo, which was wicked cool! Tijuana was cool, but I guess once was enough - lol!