Friday, May 30, 2008

Four Things Meme

I was tagged to for "Ten Random Facts About Me" meme, by Dette at Dance of Motherhood. But I already did "7 Random Facts About Me," so I don't think you need to know 10 more facts - lol.

I was also tagged by Catnip at Catnip & Coffee for "Four Things Meme," so this is a little different so thought I'd try it. I just love being tagged - (sarcastic lol!)

Four Jobs I’ve Held:

  1. Dunkin' Donuts
  2. Nuring Homes (dietary aide)
  3. Cashier at a Farm Stand
  4. Insurance Agency
Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

  1. Wizard of Oz
  2. Sound of Music
  3. Star Wars Series (the original 3)
  4. Indiana Jones Series

Four Places I Have Lived
(This could be boring I only have lived in 2 diff. states)

    1. Arlington, Massachusetts
    2. Burlington, Massachusetts
    3. Pepperell, Massachusetts
    4. Nashua, New Hampshire

Four TV Shows I Like

  1. American Idol (this year's anyway)
  2. Medium
  3. Men in Trees
  4. Survivor
Four Favorite Foods (all foods I barely ever get, but I love them)

  1. Chicken Parmesan
  2. Scallops
  3. Lobster
  4. My Mom's Homemade Potato Salad!

Four Places I would Rather Be

  1. Fenway Park, watching the Red Sox
  2. Florida
  3. Arizona (one day I want to see the Grand Canyon)
  4. Australia (I'd love to go there, too)
Four People I am Tagging (four lucky gals)

  1. Rachel
  2. Cascia
  3. Amy
  4. Donna Reed in Blue Jeans


  1. Thanks for the tag Sue, I won't have time today, but it will give me something to post tomorrow. I have 5 kids today things are crazy lol, I need to go and keep the calm lol. Thanks again for the tag, you sure love the red soxs lol, mmm cough cough go cards cough cough. I posted a new recipe and gave an update about my sister at the end of it. Check it out if you get a chance.


  2. Thanks for the tag Sue, mine is up and running! It has been a wonderfully busy, crazy and successful day-and I am still running! :D I will be back later, hopefully this evening - when I am relaxing - :D

  3. Hey Sue! I'll have to think on this and will post ASAP!

  4. Thanks for the tag, Sue. I will try to get to it some time this weekend.

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms

  5. Wow Amy that was fast. Yes Rachel I love the Red Sox-lol. Thanks Corinne & Cascia.