Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hiking & My Husband's Discovery of a Great Website

My family is planning some camping trips for this summer. While camping we also are going to do some hiking. My husband has been searching online for a backpack we can use. Last year we did some hiking and didn't have a good backpack, we barely could carry any water! So this year it is essential that we find a proper backpack.

While doing an online search my husband came across a website called LA Police Gear. They sell everything from backpacks, footwear & boots to tactical gloves.

It's not just for policemen, they sell their products to the general public. It looks like we might be able to go hiking this summer after all, with a nice backpack.


  1. Good luck on that camping trip. How fun. Just think if it rains you can always hide under that nifty backpack!

  2. Ah good old camping trips. Hope its a fun one. Camping is either a blast or a nightmare no in between there.

  3. Thanks ssgreylord, and sogeshirts for your comments. We have a camper so it makes it more fun. And the only time camping does stink is if it rains the whole time. I can take a little rain, but not 3 days straight (which has happened to us - lol!)

  4. Hi Sue, I hope you have fun going hiking and camping this summer. We just got back from our Memorial Day camping trip. My family LOVES camping! We go hiking as well. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  5. Hi John, thanks for your comments. We sometimes go on Memorial Day, but decided not to this year. One of our big trips is 4th of July Weekend.


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