Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening Day at Fenway Park

One thing you should know about me, is I'm a huge baseball fan. But not just any baseball fan, a Red Sox fan! I love the Red Sox! I know you always here people say they are so and sos Number One fan, but I feel it's true for me. I am the Red Sox's Number One Fan!!

Today is Opening Day at Fenway Park! As you may know the Red Sox won the World Series last year, and today they will receive their World Series Rings. It should be a great celebration. I'm so excited to see "My Boys" get their rings!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big time fan. I'm practically obsessed with the Red Sox. I try to watch every game, and if for some unforeseen reason I can't, I will listen to it on the radio. If I can't do that then I tend to get upset, but will find out as soon as possible the outcome of the game.

I actually got to go to a game last year at Fenway Park. It was literally the first time in 25 years that I had been back to Fenway. The last game I had gone to there was when I was like 14 years old! My husband splurged on some tickets, and it was a great game we won 10-5. With one of my favorite players, David Ortiz, hitting a Grand Slam! I doubt if we will go this year, though, since it is unfortunately so expensive.

But you can be assured I will be watching my favorites, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis (YOUK!) and Jonathan Papelbon, from my couch at home! World Series Champs '07!, and hopefully '08!!! Go Sox!!!!


  1. Ha! I got nothing to say. Go Go RED SOX!!
    go go--加油!--[cha-yu],RED SOX--紅襪--[hong-wa]

  2. So you live in Boston huh? I have a ton of family up in Mass. That is crazy weird, we go up and visit every once in a while. Last time I was up was when my son was 18 months old. They had a red sox game on tv, and my great uncle turned to me and told me it was my fault they lost because I brought bad luck from the Cardinals lol.

    Hey Sue when you get a chance check out my Chocolate chip cake post, and let me know when you have some ad space available.

    Take care
    The Baked Blogger

  3. Thanks Randy and Rachel. Yeah the Red Sox won the Home Opener 5-0! Go Sox

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  5. Hey I can say the Red Sox are good, but how about those Colorado Rockies.. They did well last year and I hope again this year, I give KUDDOS to all teams...I love them all. I like Kansas City Chiefs and people here say I am a trader cuz of the Denver Broncos, to each is own, right...HEY YOU HAVE A GREAT BLOG,, first time I really visited.

  6. Thanks Colorado Baby for stopping by & your comments. Yeah the Rockies had a great run at the end, they deserve some kudos. Sorry I can't give all teams kudos, I'm just a die hard, totally loyal Red Sox Fan! I can only root for my home team! Thanks again. Hope you stop by again sometime. :)

  7. You should take a look at Mark Waitkus' prints - he's the official artist of the Red Sox: www.markwaitus.com - his stuff is brilliant.