Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Heart Nature

Thursday night after I dropped my daughter off at her Brownie Meeting, I saw a deer running right towards me! Imagine my surprise as I was driving down the street I live on and a deer was in the street. The surprising part is that I live in a very residential area.

It was about 5:15 PM, I was driving down my street, and I saw something running up ahead from a side street right onto mine. I couldn't believe my eyes. It started coming towards me, and as I slowed down to look at it, it bolted to the side and ran right into someone's back yard.

The picture above is not of the deer I saw. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. But number 1 it was running so fast to get out of the street there was no way. Number 2 I was in the car, and Number 3 I didn't have my camera with me anyway!

I have lived where I'm living now for over 8 years and have never seen a deer, even in the woods around here. Where I lived before this, was in the country with lots of woods, and I would see them all the time. Now I live in a
city so it is very unlikely. So it was very exciting to see! I wish my daughter had been with me though!

When I think about it though, on one hand I'm excited to have seen it. But on the other hand it makes me feel in a weird way sad. Because if a deer is running through the city streets, it means that they are being pushed out of their natural habitats. But the nature lover in me is still happy to have seen it!


  1. i live up in the mountains so i see alot of deer up here but you are right its sad we have pushed the animals out of their habatat for mostly greed not just place for us to live but cities and huge companys all over taking the land from the very resorces that we need to exist the animal kindom is a nessisity for us as humans to survive each and every animal insect and micro organism has its place here on earth each time we destroy one of these we are destroying our chance for survival.

  2. Hi Sue,

    That's very interesting. It's must have really made your day, or night. :)

  3. Hi Sue,
    I would of loved to have seen the look on your face. That was a surprise for you. I think deer are so beautiful to look at. We have a bunch out here in the country. My husband works midnights & one had run right out in front of him. It hit our Jeep in the front. We got lucky, it didn't do much damage. But, it did kill the deer. I always tell him to watch the road at night, when he goes to work. I think that is a pretty picture of a deer you have on this post also. Have a great Sunday! :-)

  4. A beautiful evening to sight a deer while in your car. Glad that you are not driving fast. Nature has its way to amaze us with joy. Probably it is a message that good luck is coming to you!

    Shrek from MyBlogLog

  5. Deer are such peaceful and tranquil creatures.I have seagulls around me here so I am jealous.

  6. I sure hope that the deer end up in a more familiar place.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! It was a great sighting! I hope too that he/she got somewhere safely! I love nature and animals so much that I have thought about everyday since it happened and not to be corny but worry that it is ok! Hey I also like that maybe it is a sign of Good Luck. Thanks!

  8. Poor little thing running through a residential street! We don't have deer in my country but I have plenty of possums and bats for neighbours. Anything larger would freak me.