Thursday, April 24, 2008

Make Your Own Pizza

My kids love pizza, but it is so expensive to get from a pizza place. And the frozen kind isn't that great. So lately I've been making my own. Or somewhat my own. I've been using Mama Mary's crust.

You can buy them in either the large 12" pizza crust, or the 7" pizza crust. We have been liking the 7" ones, because it's like everyone gets their own individual pizza.

They're very easy to make too. Just add pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and whatever else you want for toppings. We've just been making cheese, and pepperoni pizzas. (See Pictures at top.) But you could add anything you like to it: mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees, then put pizzas directly on rack in oven, lower temp. to 425, and cook for 10 minutes! It's that easy.

It's also a fun activity to do with the kids. They love to make the pizzas and take part in cooking a meal. And Mom actually doesn't have to do much!

There are other pizza crusts out there too, but I've just found that these Mama Marys ones are very good. And at a reasonable price (a 3 pack of the 7" crusts are only $2.50) You could also make your own pizza crust. Here's a website I found that has all different kinds of pizza crusts to make from scratch: Easy Pizza Maybe I'll try some when I get more time.

But making your own either from already made crusts, or from scratch, is definitely better than the frozen kind, cheaper than delivery and more fun for the kids!