Saturday, April 12, 2008

5 Classes I Wish They Would've Taught In School

I've been tagged to do a meme by Donna Reed in Blue Jeans. This is my first Meme, so you will have to forgive me if I am doing wrong.

1. How to make a lot of money without really trying.

2. How to stay in shape without really trying.

3. How to clean your house without really trying.

4. How to get your kids to pick up their own messes.

5. Math that you can actually use (not algebra, which I practically flunked and still have no use for anyway - lol)


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Okay, GO!


  1. Hi Sue,

    Wow, those would really be good subjects to learn in school! LOL

  2. Hi Sue,
    Great post! How true! On a serious note; I really do wish the school systems would teach mandatory classes on personal finances. My daughter has almost made it to graduation without learning a thing about money. It's sad. Money management plays a crucial role in our adult lives and we are not properly preparing our kids for the "real" world. Oh, and BTW, I too wish you could learn to clean the house without really trying! =)

  3. I felt the same way about math ... and then I went to pharmacy school! LOL I cant tell you how many times I giggled at myself for thinking "I'll never use this in real life"!

    Good list ... I would also add "how to manage finances because money doesnt grow on trees :)

  4. Hey Sue! This a great list!:) Thanks for doing the meme!

  5. Great meme, those would be some great classes!

  6. Thanks for your comments. Those would be some fun classes. Wouldn't they?!

  7. Wow, I sure wish they'd have taught those classes in my school too!

    I came here through entre card - thanks for visiting me!

  8. Hi sue, can I add something? I wish they taught us how to stay young-looking forever. :-)

    i have a tag for you. grab it when you're not too busy.