Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting and Free Patterns OnLine

This is a picture of the afghan I'm knitting. It is a simple pattern that I got online somewhere. And then did a few modifications of my own to it.

I am knitting it on size 11 needles. And I am using 4 skeins of (5 oz.) Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. The color says it's Sh. Dusk, but you can do it in any color you want. That's the great thing about knitting, you can modify patterns to whatever you want. Rarely do I do it in the color they suggest or exactly the way the pattern says.

Cast on 94 stitches. Then it's just: Row 1: knit one, purl one, all the way across. Row 2: purl one, knit one. Continue these two rows until you use all yarn. Bind off at end.

They way I'm making it, when it's done it will be more like a little "lap blanket." If you want it longer just use 1 or two more skeins of yarn.

The great thing about knitting nowadays is you can find lots of free patterns online. Before you would have to buy the patterns or buy a whole book just for one pattern that you wanted. Which can get expensive. But now there are many patterns online for free!

My Grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 10 or 11 years old. And sometime soon I might show my daughter how to do it. It's a great hobby, and once you learn, it's something you will have with you forever. So I want to show my daughter to knit, because she is very crafty anyway, and I think she will enjoy it. It's fun to make things yourself and see the finished product.

Here's a few websites which offer free patterns:

  1. Knitting Pattern Central
  2. Lion Brand Yarn (which requires an easy registration with email and a password)
  3. Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
That's just a few there are a lot more do a Google search of your own for more. And Happy Knitting!


  1. I want to learn how to knit, but problem is I am left handed and I need a left handed teacher for almost everything.

  2. Hi Rachel, left-handers do have a disadvantage on it I think. I remember when my Grandmother tried to teach one of my sisters, who is left-handed to crochet. It was quite a struggle. My Grandmother even used a mirror, so my sister could look into it and see the reverse image. I think their might be books geared towards knitting or crocheting left-handed!

  3. You're knitting is beautiful. I wish I had learned to knit. I can crochet a little! My sister is learning to knit, so I'm waiting for her to figure it out so she can teach me :)

  4. Sue, DO teach your daughter! My grandmother passed in 1989 and I inherited a lifetime of her crochet projects. I wish I'd asked her to teach me. I guess I was more interested in climbing trees and catching tadpoles at the time? I don't know. I am trying to knit, self-taught - and I have great difficulty. I wish I had a gramma or mom type person to just sit down and show me! I still have fond memories of my grandmother in her chair, crocheting away. I cherish everything she made!

  5. Thanks Catnip & Cricket,

    My Grandmother was very crafty, with knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. She taught me knitting & embroidery. But for some odd reason never showed me crocheting. I recently tried crocheting myself too. It's a lot different then knitting! I still love knitting the best though! And I know Cricket it conjures up images of my "Grammy" once in awhile too! :)

  6. Love the afghan! And blue is my favorite color. =) I learned to knit when I was young but have forgotten it all.

  7. i learned how to sew but never learned knitting it looks nice sue