Monday, February 8, 2016

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Hi all, I received a cool product it is called the magikuchen Mango Cutter. It is from the same company as the apple cutter I posted about before. Read that Review Here.

Here's brief prod info:

  • ✔YOUR 5 A DAY: Perfect MUST-HAVE tool for all fruit fanatics. Easily remove mango seeds, quickly cuts fruit in half. Can slice even through the ripest mangoes. Less waste, More nutrients.
  • ✔ FOOD SAFE: Premium High Quality kitchen tool built to last! BPA free, FDA approved made from pure 100% Food Grade stainless steel. Healthy and safe essential for every fruit lover and health aficionados.

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My thoughts:

here is a video, my husband helped me to demonstrate using the mango cutter. 

As you can see it really makes it quite simple to cut the mango. if you don't know mangos do have a pit in the middle of them. so the magikuchen cutter really helps to get the most fruit off the mango for you to enjoy. 

My husband & I actually discovered our love of mangos, last summer. A cool story was one time when we were camping my husband helped a family with their fire. The little ones wanted to roast some marshmallows but couldn't get the fire going. So my husband helped them. A little while later the Mom came over with some fruit for us. and one of them was a mango. i really don't think we had ever had one before that. it was really delicious!

but I found that they are hard to cut and you feel like your not getting all the fruit off them. That is why this is a really important tool to have if you love mangos too. I've seen some recipes using mangos I want to try too, that sound good so the mango cutter will really come in handy.

Do you like mangos? do you have any good recipes to share?

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