Friday, February 26, 2016

MLVOC Wine Aerator Pourer #review

Hi guys, I am late with this review so want to post quickly about the product I got about 2 weeks ago. It is called  MLVOC Wine Aerator Pourer

Here is some product info:

1. DOUBLE THE VALUE OF YOUR WINE. With 3 air holes intake system, your wine will be fully refused and aerated with the optimal amount of oxygen in accordance with Bernoulli Effect, softening the tannin instantly. By Simply pouring your wine, it doubles or even triples the flavor of the wine and completely releases the aromas of your wine.
2. AERATE YOUR WINE IN 0.1 SECOND. With wine aerator and pourer, it only takes 0.1 second to completely finish the aerating and oxygenating of the wine, while it takes 30 minutes when it comes to the traditional way. Therefore, it saves up more times and enables you to enjoy the wonderfulness of the wine and enjoy the colorful life anywhere and at anytime.

visit Amazon for further info.

My review:


I am not an expert exactly on wine. But I do like wine and like a good bottle here and there. So i wanted to try this Wine Aerator. I think this works well. in the video above you can see the bubbles in the wine as it is poured. So it appears to be aerating the wine. it tasted nice after doing this and I really enjoyed it so I guess this works.

pros are it is easy to assemble, easy to take apart to clean, and is small and travel size, when in box. and nothing really to know about using. use out of box.
cons: the only con I can think of is and not sure if it is just me, but makes bottle of wine obviously rather tall. And I rarely finish a bottle in one day, so it didn't fit back in refrigerator with the wine aerator in it. Other than that, this is a pretty good product, if you would like to try one.

you can purchase on Amazon for a reasonable price right now of $14.95

disclosure: I received free to review, and all opinions are my own. *may contain affiliate links 

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