Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shot Glass -Talk to the Hand from #MakeEmLaugh

Here's a fun review for you! it is for the Talk to the Hand shot glass! let your weekend/party begin!

here's some product info

BIGGER IS BETTER - Our shot glass holds a full 2 ounce shot. Most others only hold 1.5 ounces
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☛ BLACK IS BETTER - Seems that if you have a shot glass with writing on it you should be able to read it even if there's clear liquor inside.

for more prod info GO HERE

My thoughts on product:


This is a cool shot glass. And , I really like the saying on it. I read other people saying it was "Medieval." But to me it reminds me of the 90's lol - wasn't that a saying back then? "Talk to the hand" he-he.

It seems big and can hold a lot of fluid. I tested it out the other night with a shot of tequila. lol I want to get some more tequila this weekend, to try it with some more shots. he-he.  Seems like a sturdy shot glass well made and is dishwasher safe.

to see more photos I took of the Talk to the hand shot glass - check my Instagram profile. (which update) over the weekend my husband and I did some more shots of tequila with it see instagram.

I also wanted to get this because my husband actually has a little shot glass collection going. If we go on a trip or go to a gift shop at a place, he will check to see if they have shot glasses and get one. So this one is a good addition to his collection.

Do you like this shot glass? do you collect them? well if you would like to purchse this one then you can get it on here>

Disclosure: free product to review. Opinions are my own.

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