Friday, January 1, 2016

Pro Quality Apple Cutter by Magikuchen #review

✔YOUR 5 A DAY: Perfect MUST-HAVE tool for all fruit lovers. Makes 8 thin juicy slices with one moderate pressing motion simultaneously removing the core in the process. Less waste, More nutrients.

✔ FOOD SAFE: Premium High Quality kitchen tool built to last! BPA free, FDA approved made from pure 100% Food Grade stainless steel. Healthy and safe essential for all fruit lovers and health enthusiasts.

✔ BEST IN QUALITY AND MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Made of tough, rust-proof, razor sharp, stainless steel blades so it won't tarnish or get dull. Can and may be used to slice and cut other fruits and vegetables (e.g. PEARS, TOMATO, APPLES, etc.)

✔100% DISHWASHER SAFE: Designed to make it incredibly easy to clean using the dishwasher and super easy when doing hand wash too.

Hey guys above is info on the new apple cutter i got. I really have been loving this. I have been wanting to get one for awhile. I had one before but it was cheap, and broke quickly. This one by Magikuchen seems very sturdy and well made. It is also very sharp and will cut the apples very easily. 

It says will to other fruits and veggies too. So far I have only tried apples, but was wondering if it would do potatoes? I may try that too. Well we have been getting a lot of apples lately and this has been great to cut them, and makes me motivated to eat some, since i don't really like the skins and this is good to cut into pieces. 

Another reason this has come in handy, is since my daughter got braces, she is not supposed to bite into hard fruits or things like that. But if she cuts them into pieces first then she can have them. So she wanted me to get one of these anyway. So it is great for her too! 

Here is pic of us using on an apple;


Update: last night we actually used it to slice potatoes so we could make fries, and it worked great for that too!

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disclosure: free product received to review.

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