Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Card

Awhile ago I had gotten 10 free cards for doing a post on Treat. I ran out of the free cards, now though. I have sent pretty much all of them at different times to my mother. She really loves these cards! I decided to make a Valentine's card for her. Pictured below:

 Go to Treat.com to make your own card(s)! I used code: TREATSOME1 

I got the card free and only paid 51 cents for shipping!

this is not a sponsored post, I just really love Treat.com since I discovered them about a year ago. 


  1. Nice card heheh!

    Have a good Valentine ;_)

  2. I always love to make cards like this for my husband with the kids' smiling faces.

  3. Such a great card!

    1. ty - now I hope she gets it because I just realized I put wrong zip code! lol

  4. 10 cards.. you'e good!! I haven't sent out one, unless help addressing the 28 for my son's classroom count. ;)

  5. That is a cute card! Enjoy your Wednesday.