Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Job for 10 Years

A couple of weeks ago, a delivery from Edible Arrangements came. It was for my husband's 10th year at his job.

Which was nice of his company to send that to him. This job also symbolizes our move from NH to VA. His company relocated to Virginia so we moved down here in 2011. And about 600 miles away from our families. But in the economy and other factors at the time, so far I think we made the right decision.

Here's some pics of the cool Edible Arrangement he got:

 see the "10" in the melons? 


  1. That's a nice gesture! I have gotten a few over the years and sadly there has always been more fruit than we could eat, so a lot of it went to waste.

  2. Congrats to your hubby :-)

    First time I have seen these, has a nice ring to it the name Edible Arrangement heheh!

    Have a fruitytastic week ;-)

  3. I love that place. The baskets are super fresh and they look really amazing.

  4. That's nice of the company to do that. Congratulations to your husband on 10 years. We live in MA and will be getting a foot of snow tonight. I wish I was in VA right about now! I was actually born in Richmond. :)

  5. So creative! I want one of those. And it has rainbow sprinkles, which is even better.

  6. Love the chocolate dipped fruit from there.

    1. yes - this had some chocolate covered strawberries and the things that look like cupcakes - where chocolate covered pineapple

  7. Very cool edible gift! I bet it was good too. Happy WW!

  8. That is a beautiful arrangement. Congratulations to your husband! Have a terrific day.