Friday, February 21, 2014

Creating a Bird Sanctuary

Hi guys! Remember my post about my bird feeder? Well that is going really well actually. On top of the hanging/red barn - squirrel proof bird feeder, we also added another little one. This one is sitting up on a pole, and we also bought one of those squirrel baffles. So I haven't seen a squirrel on them at all.

squirrel baffle underneath

We are getting a lot of birds visiting our bird feeders! A great variety so far too. Like cardinals, morning doves, junco's etc. Next I need to get another hummingbird feeder. Since, as I mentioned something destroyed the last one I had. I want to pick out one that is a little sturdier then the last one. Not just some cheap plastic one.

I love hummingbirds and they start coming around again in a few months. So I want to be ready for them when they do. I would love to get a beautiful one inspired by an Asian Garden. Like the one I saw at  It is made out of recycled glass so the squirrels won't be able to eat through this one.

Next, I think I want to get a bird bath. I was recently reading something, on The Penn State Extension, that talked about the importance of bird baths, when attracting birds to your backyard. Many people forget is that not only do they need bird food, but they also need water too. I would love to get a nice bird bath for all my feathered friends. There are many different kinds of bird baths. I read that they actually like ones that have a rougher surface to them. And they require just a little maintenance. Like for instance you should probably change the water in them daily. And in winter months birds also need water, probably more so. Sometimes the water may freeze. But it would be nice to see them drinking at a bird bath!

Another important thing to consider is plants in your yard for the birds. The plants, trees, bushes and shrubs in your yard can do many things for birds. Not only can they provide shelter, but they can also provide food and even nesting materials for birds. And getting back to the hummingbirds, besides hummingbird feeders, there are also many plants that will attract them too. Hummingbirds love hanging baskets full of flowers. There are certain flowers that attract them, and I really want to plant some this summer! I can not wait to get started on continuing creating my bird sanctuary! 


  1. I don't like birds, so you can keep them in your yard with this :)

  2. We got a squirrel buster feeder last year as a gift. It works! They do still get some seeds on the ground, which makes me feel better that everyone gets to eat. Birds and even pesky squirrels.

    1. yes I've seen a few squirrels - I don't mind if there on the ground! Just not on the feeders :)