Friday, October 11, 2013

Plan A Trip to Aruba

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Hi guys. With winter approaching, don't you start thinking about planning a vacation? Obviously you/me want to go someplace warm. Or maybe it's just me.


But I have always wanted to do this! Just go for a week or more - get away from it all. Well, the place I'm thinking about is Aruba.


My sister went there a few years ago, and really loved it. I really want to go there after talking to her about it. She told me about all the activities that you can do there. Like I would love to go on a fishing excursion there. I bet there is some awesome fishing in Aruba!


Also I always wanted to try snorkeling, my sister did that. She said it was awesome. There are shallow reef formations and also reef and wreck diving awaiting you too. These are just a few things that I want to do in Aruba. There are a lot more activities to do! Check out Aruba travel for more ideas. I am going to!


Of course one of the other things Aruba is known for is the beaches. 


I was just reading that there are two different areas of beaches. One is a 7 mile strip, which is the resort area. This were the water is calm and perfect for swimming. Sunbathers will love it too. If you would like a little more secluded area then you could visit the windward coast, which is more underdeveloped. Swimming there is not recommended but you can view the beautiful coastline and natural breathtaking views!




Here is a cool video for you to watch too:



Please visit for yourself for more info. And like the Aruba Facebook page. Tell me in the comments what you would like to do in Aruba and why you would want to visit!


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  1. Sue, this is my dream! I bet snorkeling in Aruba is something else entirely. I've never been anywhere tropical, unless you count Key West... I don't.

  2. I;ve always wanted to go to Aruba. It's definitely on my bucket list.