Saturday, October 12, 2013

Camera Critters - Turtle

Since living in Virginia for the past couple of years I've noticed a lot of different wildlife, then we had in New England.

One being turtles/tortoises. I see turtles all the time around here, just trying to cross the street or something. I just saw a couple this week(little ones)

Well especially in the spring we see some really big turtles. Like this guy who came in our yard. "She" I guess, because she ended up laying some eggs in our yard.

 (I know there are turtles everywhere I just Personally never had them coming into my yard and laying eggs)

Doesn't look as big in these pictures as it really was in person!

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  1. That's great! We have only seen one turtle since moving here two years ago which is shocking. We live on a lot of land with ponds. Loving the camera critters!

  2. I love turtles. How cool that she laid eggs in your yard!

  3. I like turtles, it is neat to find one in your yard.