Friday, November 16, 2012

Recycling Center

I am a big recycler. I have been dutifully recycling for years. It actually used to be a lot easier though at the last place I lived. We could just put out our bins of recyclables and every other week the town guys would come around and collect them.

Where I'm living now though it is a different story. I have to save my recyclables and bring them to the center myself. I also don't have the space to save them anymore. I used to have a garage, where I could. Now we don't have that so I have to stockpile them up in the kitchen, which can be a pain.

The good news is the recycling center is really very close to me. Right down the street. So if I'm headed to the store or whatever, I just pop down the side street to drop them off.

The only other complaint I have is the other people who "recycle." When you throw them in the bins it specifically says, no plastic bags. You are supposed to dump your cans out of the bags. Come on people plastic bags aren't recyclable. But what do the people do, dump huge trash bags of stuff in the bins. They are to lazy to get them out of the bags. For some reason this really irks me everytime I see this. I am one of the rare few who take the time to just throw the cans in there - not the whole bag.

Well anyhow I just hope the  Greensboro NC recycling center is run a lot better then the one around here. I often joke about getting a job there, to police it. I want to just stand there and make sure the people are doing it properly - lol. 

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  1. I'm just a few hours away from you in Fort Mill SC (near Charlotte) and my town doesn't have recycling. We have to do the same thing so I totally know where you're coming from!