Monday, November 26, 2012

Get some Surfboards and bags

Have you ever been surfing? I have never tried it. But it looks like it could be fun. Do you think you would have the balance to stay up on the surfboard? I think you really need to be in pretty good shape to probably do this. Don't you?

I am not sure if I am in good enough shape for this. I think I would have to work up to it, and probably build up some stamina. Someday I really want to try it. For some reason I always picture surfing in California, or Hawaii, but I suppose it could be done anywhere.

I think if you are really going to get serious about it, you should have your own equipment. Wouldn't you agree? Not only would it be cool to have your own surfboard, but it would be nice to have a bag to carry it in too. Like the Dakine surfboard bags.

It looks like you can get a lot of variety of different surfboard bags. In various shapes and sizes. Also at some great prices too. So if I ever get going on my dream of surfing someday, I will definitely look into buying my own surfboard, and surfboard bag! 

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