Friday, November 30, 2012

Deal Dash - Shopping Fun

Hey guys. I wanted to give you some more information about DealDash. This is a fun shopping experience.

Deal Dash is a fun and social way to shop. One of the reasons Deal Dash is fun is that they have a Buy-it-Now option. This means that it is a fair and honest market. It is also risk free. Because if you don't win the auction, you have the option to buy the item at the retail price. And you will be able to get back all your bids. They will be refunded to your account. This really is different then other penny auctions.

If you would like to read a great DealDash Review then go to this Huffington Post article. It's a fun way to shop - and the 1.5 Million shoppers Deal Dash has I think would agree also!

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