Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WW - Now I want to go fishing

We went to a certain "Pro" shop to look around. We had never been to one, because there weren't any where we used to live.

It was somewhat of a drive, but we wanted to look around and maybe pick up a fishing rod. They had a e 23,000 gallon fresh water aquarium. It holds the state winning catfish - (which was huge - looked even bigger in real life).

(c) stay at home mom

Here's my daughter on a four wheeler.

(c) stay at home mom

The store was cool - and I would love to have bought more (we did get a fishing rod for my daughter.) But the one thing that did turn me off - was an employee there - tried to sell us a vacation at a time share! At first we thought he was just being nice - making small talk - next thing you know he is pitching us a whole vacation. Seemed kinda weird, and didn't expect that. I thought it was unnecessary - when you just want to look around at a sporting goods store! (I guess it's part of a thing they have there. - vacation spots?)