Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WW "Laptop"

Last week my daughter received money from various relatives for her birthday. Combined with a hefty donation from her Mom & Dad - she was able to buy a new laptop.


  1. I bought one Friday for an early B-day present for myself too. Happy B-day to your daughter.

  2. Awwww how nice!! And how nice of mom and dad to contribute the "hefty" part of the cost ;) hehe. I bet she's loving it :)

  3. Wow thats wonderful! I need a laptop or an iPad lol. For me it's either my computer or my iTouch. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and linking up :) Now following on LF.


  4. That's so cool. my 3 finally got little laptops only because our neighbor is a computer tech and got 3 refurbished ones for free. Then of course we had to set up rules but they've been pretty good. Bet your daughter is loving hers! :-)


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