Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday & Follow Sites

Time for another Post It Note Tuesday. If you want to play to then go here:  Visit SupahMommy to play too. Go here to make your Post its: Superstickies.

Also linking up at the following sites. Check them out. And if you're so kind to follow me - I'll be sure to follow back asap!

Tuesday Tag-Along


  1. Hey! I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag-along. Great blog. I will be back.

  2. Tuesday following! Have a great day

  3. Hey there!

    Stopping by from TTA & now following you! Hope you'll come by and see me too, & enter my giveaway!


  4. Stopping by via PINT.

    I laughed out loud on that AF comment....ALWAYS ALWAYS happens!

  5. I heard Toy Story was really liked by the adults.
    Glad you likes it.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. im going camping this weekend too and aunt flow decided to join me as well so i feel yah

  7. That's horrible timing for Aunt Flo! I'm sorry! I hope you have a great time in spite of it.

  8. We saw Toy Story too! It was so cute and good way to tie all three movies together!

  9. camping with aunt flo is never a good thing.

    happy PINT :)

  10. Hi!!! I cam across your blog via Tuesday Tag along, and it is so great!!! I am your newest follower and can not wait to read some more.

    Have a great time camping!!! hopefully, your aunt--he he he---won't be too much of a pain.

    I am dying to go see Toy Story 3 with my kiddos. We have been gearing up by watch part one and two--like a hundred times. I think we are ready. I heard I need to bring a ton of tissues...Glad you and your kids enjoyed it!!!

    Hope you'll stop by and follow back.