Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sledding, Sledding & More Sledding

Being the penny pinching Mom that I am (some call it cheap, I call it frugal) one of our weekend activities is Sledding!

We go almost every Saturday or Sunday, sometime both. For me that's saying something, because I am not the biggest fan of winter. But this year I have really tried to embrace the outdoor aspect of it.

You might think it's because I'm trying to get the family outdoors, get some fresh air, and get some excersise. But to tell the truth the real reason is because it's free! Instead of paying lots of money to go to the movies, bowling, or go to an arcade or some place like that. We go Sledding!

Don't get me wrong I like the movies, I kind of like arcades, and I like bowling. And those are all great activities to do once in awhile, but not when you're on a really tight budget.

Besides even if I'm not 100% thrilled with standing in the cold, wind, and snow, the kids love it! So I'm toughing it out this year for the kids. And when I'm standing out in the cold, snow, and wind, I keep in the back of my penny pinching, frugal, and maybe cheap mind, this isn't costing me anything. It's basically free entertainment!

So get out there this winter and go Sledding!