Sunday, February 3, 2008

School Projects

1. Save all shoe boxes. Half of all my kids school projects require a shoe box.

    2. Poster Board. Buy a supply of them. The other half of projects require poster boards.

          3. Know when project is due, and manage your time accordingly. My son had a science project due, with a month to complete it. On Sunday I said, "You better work on that project that's due Wednesday." He said, "No, it's due tommorrow!" He had gathered the information, but still had to write it all out, and do the poster!

          4. Have all the writing and art supplies you need. I found stencils come in handy (for the posters). Rulers, crayons, markers, even stickers. My daughter needed to make a box. She wanted to put stickers on it. We've had these "Sponge Bob" stickers forever. Of course when it came time to use them, I couldn't find them! (I finally did in the mess in her room)

          5. And if all else fails, and your child says, "Mom, I can't do this." Do it for them. Just kidding. Sort of.

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