Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's cold here in New Hampshire! It's about 22 degrees out today and windy. I thought I'd take a picture of my flag blowing around. I don't like when it's cold and windy, but I love the looks of a flag blowing around in the wind!

This has been the snowiest winter around here in a long time. And we are expected to get more snow tonight! Up to 8 inches more! I've personally had it. I'm ready for spring.

I had put up a poll on "What is your favorite winter activity," and the most votes was "None, I don't like winter." I'm beginning to agree with that. Enough is Enough!

I thought I'd put up this song, "Baby it's cold outside," just for a few days. This weather made me think of it. I know it's kind of corny, but I always liked it. I guess I'm a corny type of person.

Well that's the weather, from here in New Hampshire. Hope everyone stays warm.


  1. I wish I got to see snow more than once every two years! You're lucky!

  2. oh, how did you run upon my blog, btw? Just wondering. I was pretty surprised :)

  3. Hi teaspoon,

    I found your blog just by going to "next blog" on the navbar, and yours eventually came up. The pictures of the food caught my attention. I guess I was hungry!

  4. Hi kenshiz, I like snow too, but I've had just about enough of it for this year! I'm ready for spring!