Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blogging for Dummies

The reason I haven’t posted anything in a few days, is because I’ve been busy doing some of the technical side of things on my blog. Which for a new blogger like me can take up a lot of time.

As stated in my post “Even the Library has a Blog,” I was looking for some books at the library on blogging. I had really wanted one of those “dummy” books, which unfortunately my library didn’t have. But I figured there must be one of those books. And there is “Blogging for Dummies” by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley. I have since purchased this book. It is a really excellent book, with great information on everything from A to Z. I have gotten tons of information from it in the past few days alone.

It has helped me with everything from how to use and analyze statistics, to a range of technical questions I had, and offers great solutions. It is a good reference book for anyone - especially “newbies” like me.

Another great source of information for me this past week was a blog I stumbled upon, The Edublogger. One thing I was struggling with this week was how to add RSS Feed. The Edublogger blog has a terrific post on how to do just that called Adding a RSS Feed From Feedburner. It really helped me out a lot this week. The author of the blog Sue Waters, also followed up with a helpful post on How to Add an Email Subscription to Your Blog. If your looking for information on these topics check out The Edublogger.

So now that I’ve gotten some of the technical aspects out of the way, for awhile at least. Maybe now I can concentrate on the writing side of blogging. And maybe someday I won’t be such a “dummy!”

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