Friday, February 1, 2008

Even the Library has a Blog!

I just went to my local library to check out some books. All on blogging, since I'm new at this (they don't really have that many books on the subject, at least not at my library).

The only book that seemed to pertain to the subject is "Publising a Blog with Blogger", by Elizabeth Castro. Which of course could not be found on the shelf easily. I then had to go to the lady at the Reference Desk for help finding it. We finally located it, and she even helped me locate a few more books on Blogs. She even commented on how there wasn't that many books on it.

I was hoping for one of those "dummy" books, like "Blogging for Dummies." No such luck! More people should write books on it, it could be a gold mine.

Anyway, after I located any books I could find, I preceded to the check out, when the Librarian noticed the topic of my books and said, "Did you know the Library has a Blog now?" I said no, she said yes. On their website now is a blog. I can only imagine the fascinating topics they cover.

She did mention some computer classes they're offering. She said there was one on blogs, but when I got home I checked their website and it was "Web Design." I wonder if that would help? The classes are "free" at least. Check out your local library for any classes that you might like!

Well it just goes to show if the local library has a blog then it really is catching on.

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