Friday, December 18, 2020

Custom Packaging


Polyethylene tubing is a versatile plastic wrap on a roll used for a variety of packaging and industrial uses. It is used because its ability to form different package lengths. 


If you would like a supply of protective, flexible packaging  in lay flat bags, then you should check out the business International Plastics. They specialize in poly tubing, and will custom design & manufacture clear poly bags to meet your needs. The company will also produce poly bags on a roll in many styles and colors too.

They will print to meet your various packaging needs. There is a huge inventory of custom poly bags in different styles and sizes. If you are looking for poly bags on roll then this is your one stop source. They have a large inventory - including 2,000 sizes of poly bags. You will be accommodated in all your stock packaging needs of custom poly bags. 

A leader in the industry since 1964, they can meet virtually any stock or packaging needs you may have. They have award winning customer service and strive to have long term relationships with their customers. Their dedicated team will give you the best service and handle your requests personally and professionally. When you shop poly tubing, with this company you will  get excellent customer service and the best solutions in lay flat bags for your business.

So visit their website to find everything in poly bags on a roll you need. They also have factory-direct pricing that will save you time and money. With the best packaging solutions and at the lowest prices possible this is a great company! 

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  1. Great review! It’s good to know that they come in different styles and colors. I’ll check out their website.