Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ideas to upscale your garden and transform your outdoor space

 Nothing screams curb appeal more than an attractive outdoor space around your home. In most cases, the first thing people see when they visit your house is your garden and your home’s exterior. 

Investing a little time and effort in your outside space can have a massive effect on its aesthetics – and can even increase its value if/when you decide to move on. Here are just a few ways you can transform your outdoor space and make your house more attractive. 

Extend your living space by bringing the indoors, outdoors

There’s nothing particularly novel about the idea of a table and chairs in a garden but, if you extend the idea, you can make a truly liveable space outside your home and start enjoying the outdoors more. 

These days there is a vast range of comfortable, well-designed garden furniture available – everything from outdoor couches and chaise longue to full dining tables and outdoor cookers/barbecues. Think creatively by bringing the indoors outside and start making more use of your garden. 

Invest in artificial turf

A well-kept lawn adds an instant splash of color to your outside space and serves almost as a frame around your home. However, the upkeep involved in constantly mowing and weeding real grass can end up a time-consuming, laborious chore. 

Rather than choosing to grow a grass lawn, why not think about installing all-weather, artificial turf? Artificial grass looks great year-round and will considerably cut down your time spent on garden maintenance. Companies like have a huge array of synthetic grass products that look just like a real lawn – but without the hassle and upkeep.

Construct a fire pit

A fire pit can lend a focal point to an outdoor space and will let you enjoy your garden space long after the warmth of the day has passed and the sun has set. Sitting around a fire at night, bathed in warmth and light, with family and friends can be a truly convivial experience – and you could even add a grill above the flames to indulge in a spot of chargrill cooking. 

Add a patio or decking

Outdoor decking has become increasingly popular in recent years and can add a completely different ambiance to your home. In particular, if you already have a conservatory, installing decking will give the impression of the indoor space extending outdoors. To complete the look, think about adding some furniture or shrubbery that complements the color of your flooring. 

Zone your garden

Depending on how much space you have outside, you could look at clearly-defining zones in your garden – for example, adding a play area for the kids, a small plot for growing vegetables or a seating/eating area. Adding zones lends definition to an outdoor space and can end up a highly attractive feature, almost leading the eye from one area to the next. 

Making even the smallest of changes to the space outside your home can have a huge effect on its aesthetic appeal and will lead to you spending more time with your friends and family outdoors in the fresh air. If your home has a garden, the ideas above could let you put the space to better use - and also extend your living area.

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