Monday, January 18, 2021

3 Jobs for Pet Lovers

 There are many topics Americans argue about, but one thing most seem to agree on is a love of animals. Pets are popular, with around two-thirds of American households hosting four-legged companions. Some individuals, however, have turned their appreciation from a pet project into a profitable profession. If you’re among the millions of animal lovers, here are some careers that might be purr-fect for you.


Trainers fulfill an important function in preparing an animal for its tasks in life. That might mean readying a horse to carry riders, teaching a dolphin to perform tricks or even coaching a dog to assist disabled persons. No formal education is necessary, although it does require a patient spirit and a passion for animals. It’s not among the highest paying jobs, but that matters less when you do a job you really love.


If you like to pamper your pets, you might make an excellent groomer. Much of a pet groomer’s day is spent giving baths and trimming fur and nails, but the service is about more than just making a pet look beautiful. Groomers also are tasked with looking for cuts, bumps, swelling and signs of parasites or infection. The in-depth inspection helps keep animals healthy, which is why so many pet owners search for pet grooming services Topeka KS or in other areas.

Veterinary Technician

If your love for animals leads you to want to save them from illness or injury, consider becoming a vet tech. With a median salary of more than $35,000, it pays better than many other pet professions, although it does require a college degree in veterinary technology accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Upon graduation, techs are able to perform numerous important functions such as drawing blood, giving medications, conducting examinations, doing lab work, taking x-rays, managing anesthesia and much more.

Most people don’t get rich by working with animals, but it's a rewarding experience nonetheless. Try turning your passion into profit with one of these careers.

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