Saturday, April 13, 2019

Superior Source Vitamin (SSV) April #giveaway

Hey guys!!!! I wanted to come out of my semi-retirement to post on my blog for you today lol. and it's good timing because this months promo is “Stress Less 4 Health!" 

And as you know from my other reviews and giveaways, I really love Superior Source Vitamins. See my previous posts for more info HERE HERE & HERE

I have a great giveaway for you to enter. Please read all info below and one winner will win a vitamin prize pack. This is the Superior Source Vitamin (SSV) April #giveaway.


Superior Source Vitamins 5-Pack: ($85 Value)

• Vitamin B-12  
• Vitamin C  
• L-Theanine
• Melatonin  

What Makes Superior Source UNIQUE:                                                                                  
Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® – “Under the Tongue Technology”. They work fast and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds – NO pills to swallow! Supplements that are swallowed lose as much as 50% of the potency in the high acid environment of the stomach.

·         No pills to swallow
·         GMO FREE and Sugar FREE
·         90% smaller than regular vitamins
·         No chemical binders or fillers

•   FREE Vitamin B-12 – 60-Day Supply – 1,000 mcg (only pay $3.95 S&H):                                        
•   FREE Vitamin D – Any D product (baby, child, adult) (only pay $4.95S&H):                                 
 “Stress Less 4 Health” Vitamin 5-Pack 
Vitamin B-12
No Shot® B-12 “MicroLingual® Instant Dissolve Tablets” go to work fast, just place one tablet under the tongue and dissolves within seconds and the nutrients are sped into the bloodstream. Vitamin B-12 provides essential nutrients for the well-being of the heart. The combination of vitamins works synergistically to help lower homocysteine levels, lowering the risk of developing heart disease as well as providing nutritive support for healthy cardiovascular functions.

Vitamin C                          
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body, therefore, it must be replenished daily. Vitamin C has several beneficial purposes including developing and maintaining healthy skin and bones, to form collagen and also enhances the absorption of iron from plant-based foods we eat. Vitamin C also provides support to the body's immune system. Superior Source Vitamin C 500 mg, “Tangy Orange Melts”, utilizes sodium ascorbate, which is a buffered (non-acidic) form of C that does not contribute to gastric irritation. NO sugar added; only sweetened with a little stevia. This is preferable to most “chewable” vitamin C products that typically are loaded with lots of sugar. 

A POWERFUL CALM - Find your L-theanine serene with these tiny dissolvable tablets. Our premium L-theanine promotes relaxation, brain calm, anxiety relief, and facilitates restful sleep.

Melatonin acts as a natural aid for healthy sleep regulation and the promotion of normal sleep cycles during travel. Chamomile is an herb that works together with melatonin to promote calmness and restfulness.


Superior Source’s “Valerian Extract” can be just what you need to help relax after a long day at the office, or with the kids. Valerian can impart a calming effect to put your mind at ease. 

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Superior Source Vitamins.

Giveaway: one winner will win Superior Source Vitamins as described above. $85 value!
Enter below  one winner US only (48 contiguous states)

disclosure: free products to review.

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