Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Camping Trip and Historical Visit

Hey guys. Last week I talked about how we went camping. Well it was right near a historic site. 

We visited the Appomattox Courthouse. This is where Lee surrendered to Grant at the end of the Civil War. 

daughter and husband walking into the courthouse - which is now a small museum
photo inside of Grant & Lee - with the document that Lee wrote up to surrender.

they said this is the original document - which they just got back in possession after 150 years.

I didn't realize that this was actually once a little village back in the 1800's

here is the jail

you could go inside - which I should have gotten pics of inside

There were more buildings and things too  look - like a tavern, an old mill store, etc. and they had a gift shop and some reenactors. Which unfortunately we missed an interesting reenactor - maybe we can go back next year. It was so hot that day - like I'm not exaggerating 100 degrees so we didn't stay at long as I would like

I love the above picture of my husband and daughter - they had each just bought a hat in the gift shop. My husband got blue for the north and my daughter got a grey one for the south lol

This was taken outside a house - people think Lee actually surrendered at the courthouse - but it was actually at this house where everything took place. (a private home from McLean family)

Here's some pics of inside of the house - they said many of the pieces are the original furniture, etc

document ending Civil War signed here
Living room 
look at that bathtub? 
well I hope you found this somewhat interesting. not to boring? which I love history and think it's cool so much happened right here in Virginia.

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