Friday, September 4, 2015

Tropical Soap #review from

For various reasons this review is very late. I won't bore you with the details, but I am sorry to the sponsor for that.

Here is some information on the company:

the soaps

exfoliates and cleanses skin and helps with a number of skin disorders
also have some men's scents
contains shea butter and olive oils
gentle for sensitive skin types
no:  harsh chemicals, detergents, preservatives, or artificial colors - just soap

There are many different scents that you can try. I got the "Sweet Pea Posy" (pictured above) They were also nice enough to send me the wooden soap holder too. I think you have to purchase those separately.

As with 90% of products I get to review my daughter got this soap. He-he. She said she really liked it and it smelled great. A nice scent and very natural smelling not perfumy or overpowering at all. Very lightly fragranced (the Sweet Pea Posy at least) The soap really lathered well she said. She used it in the shower. And is a big fan of this soap. It also is a pretty generous size/large bar of soap. She may want to try some of the other ones. Like she also wanted to try "Sea Breeze."

I would recommend this soap to you and check them out on Amazon and to purchase. I would also recommend to any blogger or reviewer working with this company. They are very accommodating and great to work with and helped with some of the issues that arose since maybe June, when I started working with them.  lol if any of that makes sense.

disclosure: I received free as described above to review. opinions are my own. *may contain affiliate links. 

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