Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Interesting Lake in Petersburg

I watched a dumb "Romantic Comedy" on Netflix recently. I don't even remember the name, but one part I thought was cool, was the lady in it gave tours around her town of interesting facts of places that no one probably knows about.

Well anyway I found a lake in my town that's like that. When I first moved here - I tried to find a place that was good for walking. Because my husband and I like to talk walks in the woods, and such. So I found this place not to far that had some paths. 

No one hardly goes there though and I think people who do live here don't even know the history of it (maybe some do) This place has ties with the Civil War. They built earthworks here and it was part of the Dimmock line.

Another interesting thing with this place is the Civil Rights tie it has. They used to have swimming there and a cool bath house - but they only allowed white people to use it. Until in the 1950's when some people petitioned to get it open to everyone. But instead of letting that happen - they just decided to close the whole place!

Here is a really cool old photo I found of what it used to be:

C - willcox watershed conservatory 

You can walk around paths in the woods surrounding the lake - but they don't allow swimming anymore and you can hardly even access the lake anymore. Which I read they are trying to open it up more for fishing and maybe put your canoe or something in it.

Here's some pics I took of the lake now:


Here's a view from across lake to the bathhouse which still stands:

Here is a sign that they recently did put up in the woods from this view. It explains about the beach and how they closed it due to not letting everyone use it.

shows this place looked awesome back in the day - really cool slide they had!

Here's some up close pics of bathhouse I took:

This place is really cool and I feel like relatively unknown in the area - and just going to waste. Oh well there is still nice trails to walk and you can spot some wildlife - we saw deer there once - different birds, frogs, toads etc. Supposedly bald eagles there - which I haven't seen yet.

And I read there are even fossils there too. Well maybe it's better off it's just my little secret, then I can enjoy it without the crowds. Except I really want to go fishing there - if I could access this lake more!

Thanks for reading - sorry for lengthy post - if you read til here -

pics - (except first one) c +STAY AT HOME MOM

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