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Blog Tour: "Sleep In Peace Tonight" { #Review & #Giveaway }

It’s 1941 and a madman named Adolf Hitler is on a mission to invade Great Britain. The constant sound of bomb blasts followed by the stench of flaming homes and buildings are a part of everyday life in London during the Blitz. The threat that the Nazi’s next stop will be on American soil hangs in the sooty air.

SLEEP IN PEACE TONIGHT (Thomas Dunne Books; October 7, 2014; $26.99) is author James MacManus’ newest historic novel set in war-torn London. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dispatches his most trusted advisor, a tall, gaunt man named Harry Hopkins, to London to meet with Winston Churchill. There, Hopkins must assess the growing crisis in Britain. The White House is conflicted and many of FDR’s advisors oppose America joining forces with Britain. During his many meetings with the Prime Minister, Hopkins is bombarded by Churchill’s dramatic rhetoric and constant drinking. Churchill knows the only way to save Britain is with help from the United States. During a dinner in Glasgow, Scotland Churchill implores Hopkins to tell FDR to “give us the tools and we will finish the job.”

In his latest novel, MacManus paints a stunning portrait of a battered London with larger-than-life personalities from history and a mysterious love interest that work together to change the course of history. During his travels in Great Britain, Hopkins is assigned a beautiful young driver named Leonora Finch. The two find consolation in each other’s arms from the threat of war. Hopkins falls deeply in love and the couple’s passion artfully unfolds on the pages. While in London, Harry and Leonora befriend veteran CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow who frequents a secret nightclub named the Black Cat Club that features an unusual mix of colorful characters.

As Harry and Lenora grow closer, she confides that she’s a member of a secret British spy agency. Leonora craves wartime action and will stop at nothing to prove she should be on the front lines, even if it means risking her life. 

My Review

This book is very interesting. This is a part of history that I really don't know much about. How America didn't want to get involved in WWII. I really didn't know anything about this and it was cool to learn about it in this book.

Although this is historical fiction - there are still a lot of facts in it. Some of the characters are real life people like of course FDR, Churchill and Edward R Murrow and Harry Hopkins the main character is based on a real man.

This book is very good and along with a lot of historical facts you also get a mix of a love story too. Hopkins and the beautiful 20-something Leonora Finch have a romance.. Finch is assigned as Hopkins’ driver, but she’s a British spy expected to uncover useful information.

I would really recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction books, or who would like to give something different a try.

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Here is some info about the author too:

JAMES MACMANUS is the managing director of The Times Literary Supplement. He is the author of Ocean Devil, which was made into a film starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. His other novels include The Language of the Sea and Black 


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