Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WW Dress Code

My daughter's school is very strict this year with Dress Code. There is a new Principle and I think she is really enforcing it this year.

I didn't post this particular pic of my son's HS graduation, because he is looking down, but wanted to show now, because of my daughter. This dress she got at the end of last school year, is a dress she got in trouble for wearing to school this year. 

(c +STAY AT HOME MOM - taken June 2014
The second day of school this year she wore the same dress - actually with a button down denim shirt over it too. But they said it was too short. 

The rules are "mid thigh," which I felt like it was. They called me and then I had to go all the way down to her school with some pants for her.

A week later she wore this skirt:


This is what they call a "skater skirt." I guess. It was mid thigh, but I got another call and they said it was to short in the back. I had to go back down to the school with more clothes, and then she had to get detention after school.

If she gets a third time she will have to do Saturday detention, which is 3 1/2 hrs. Fourth time = suspension!

 Now I am kinda upset about this. I felt like she looked perfectly fine and between the end of last year and beginning of this year I spent over 200 dollars on clothes for her - which now a lot of them they say she can't wear.

Now this weekend she needed some shorts for gym - if they say these Adidas shorts (which I spent a lot of money) on are too short - I'm going to freak.

c Kohls.com

Also - another point, my husband said to her - just get some more pants like the ones she had on. She said you can't wear these either - they were leggings. You can not wear - leggings, jeggings or yoga pants either. So it doesn't leave a lot of options!

What do you think? Does your school have a dress code, do you agree with dress codes? (PS - this is a public school!)